The Orange Order in World War I

In 1914, the Grand Lodge of England annual sessions took place in early July. That would have been a few days after the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on 28th June. The United Kingdom did not enter the War until 4th August 1914.

By the time the Grand Lodge met again, on 7th and 8th July 1915, at the Grand Hotel in Bristol, the War had been in progress for almost a year.

The Grand Lodge Report describes how the meeting was opened with a hymn specially written for the Men at the Front, to the tune of “Melita”, “Eternal Father, strong to save”.

In the Grand Secretary’s Report, RW Bro Louis A Ewart wrote, “Our ranks have been depleted owing to the large number of brethren on war service, and we have endeavoured to keep all lodges going, to prevent the warrants being returned as dormant.” He also reported that, I organised the officers and men of the Canadian Contingent into a large lodge on Salisbury Plain and I had the privilege of receiving several Indian Orangemen. These brave men hold their lodge meetings under our Warrants today in Flanders.

I have been asked to meet the 9th Canadian Rifles on their arrival in England and form them into a lodge under the temporary authority of the Grand Lodge of England. Monsieur L Valat, Secretary of the Belgian Bible Society, has joined the Order with a view to opening Orange Lodges in Belgium and Holland.

I have arranged to form a lodge in Togo Land, that part of the world which, until recently, was known as the German Protectorate, West Africa; but now, Germany having been driven out and the British flag planted, it is known as British West Africa. Our lodge will be opened at Lome on the Gold Coast. It is extraordinary that, immediately the British flag is unfurled on the Slave Coast, the natives should ask for a Warrant from the Orange Institution. This Grand Lodge wishes them God speed and every success.

In “Correspondence”, Louis Ewart said, -

Our Military Lodges in India, Arabia, and other parts have been in the fighting line since the commencement of the war, as also our many lodges on British battleships; but, alas, we have to record that many “nobly fighting, nobly fell.” Other foreign lodges are doing splendidly.


In the section “Literature” he said, -

I was anxious that the Institution should do something for the brave fellows who were going out to fight for the Motherland. People were sending cigarettes and various comforts for the soldiers; what could we do ? Nothing could be done without funds. As we are a religious Institution, it was thought best to send that which would exalt our principles, and the Christ who died to cleanse men from sin, so we made an appeal and sent out the Word of God. Over eleven hundredweight of scriptures have been sent to the troops. We are very grateful to the Trinitarian Bible Society and the Calvinistic Protestant Union for free grants.

In the section “The War”, Ewart said, -

Many of our members have distinguished themselves on the field of battle. Bro Private Abraham Acton of Whitehaven has won the Victoria Cross, and Bro Sergeant J H Raynor of Oldham has won the Distinguished Conduct Medal. All honour to them and those heroes who are fighting so valiantly at the front !
(It was announced at the meeting that Bro Acton, VC, has been killed in action.)

Woolwich District No 64 had traditionally been the home of overseas and military lodges. In the Grand Lodge Report for 1915 the following lodges are shown under Woolwich District, -

Rising Star of the East True Blues LOL 108A, “On War Service”.
WM: George Thompson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Sec: William Nelson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

This lodge was attached to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, and had previously met in Cairo and Dublin.

Ulster Purple Star LOL 833, “On War Service”.
WM: Rev Jas Shaw, The Manse, Presbyterian Church, Quetta, Baluchistan, India.
Sec: Private Norman McGowan, B Company, 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers.

There were Naval Lodges also. In District 72, Plymouth, there is listed, -

Ulster Purple Heroes LOL 842, “With the Fleet”.
WM: F. J. Willmer.
Sec: A. H. Cosway.


In District 94, Devonport, the following lodges are shown, -

Ulster Scot LOL 287, “On War Service with the Fleet”.
WM: Charles Alexander.
Sec: John C Matthews.

Carnarvon LOL 827, “On War Service with the Fleet”.
WM: J A Britten.
Sec: Brother Moorhouse.

This lodge had already existed before the War on HMS Carnarvon.

The Lodge Directory finishes with a list of “Isolated Lodges”, many of which were military, -

Rising Sons of India LOL 703, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.
WM: William Windrum, D Company, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.
Sec: Samuel Mullen, Signallers, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.

(This lodge was in existence before the War, and had been stationed in India and Burma.)

Pride of Armagh LOL 839, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.
WM: Sergeant David Wilson.
Sec: Sergeant G A Williams.

This lodge was in the Royal Irish Rifles.

4th Canadian, East Belfast Volunteers LOL 859, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.
WM: Lieutenant Bennett, Canadian Contingent.
Sec: Private W J Mountain, Canadian Contingent.

This lodge has a surprising name, seeming to be composed of Canadian soldiers, yet also incorporating “East Belfast Volunteers.” There may be a story here that would merit research, or it may be merely a mis-print. The following year the lodge was shown to be in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

“By arrangement” LOL 860, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.
WM: Lieutenant J T O’Neill, Ulster Division.
Sec: Rifleman I Browne, A Company, 8th Battalion, Irish Rs

South Antrim Volunteers, By Arrangement, LOL 863, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.
WM: D H Gourley, Ulster Division.
Sec: Captain A P Jenkins, 11th (S) Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles.


North Belfast Volunteers, By Arrangement, LOL 864, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.
WM: W J O’Neill, 15th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Wm Finlay, 15th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

Down Volunteers, By Arrangement, LOL 865, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.
WM: Sergeant J W Gordon, 16th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Sergeant M Cunningham, 16th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

At the back of the book is the “Roll of Honour”, described as “Being a list of the members of the Loyal Orange Institution of England, on War Service in the World’s Greatest War.”

There is a note that “Our list is by no means exhausted. Many lodges have failed to send in the names of their members on War Service, and many names have been received too late for publication. A large number of Brethren have joined the Ulster Division, which are not reported here.”

Hearts of Oak LOL 1 (Liverpool)
William Tart, Liverpool “Pals”
Joseph Murphy, Liverpool “Pals”
T Watts, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment
G Clague, ASC
W Cooke, Ulster Division
E Birkett, Ulster Division
B McDonald, Ulster Division
W Hemphill, Ulster Division

The Rising Sons of William LOL 2 (Liverpool)
David McCoy
James Musker
Joshua Robinson

Belfast Patriotic LOL 3 (Liverpool)
William McCleary, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment
William McKenzie, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment
George Dixon, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment
Robert Jackson, Ulster Volunteers
Stewart Donaghy
Thomas Scott
Edward Howe
Joseph Carroll


Sons of the Boyne LOL 28 (Liverpool)
William Bredin, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Thomas Johnson, Scots Guards
James Blython, 5th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Frank Adams, Royal Field Artillery
Frederick Edwards, Royal Field Artillery
George Haver, Naval Reserve
William Crosse, Naval Reserve
Thomas Tobias, Naval reserve
Charles Hardman
William Adams
Herbert Adams

Excelsior LOL 57 (Liverpool)
Thomas Wray, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William H Kelly, 9th Battalion, King’s
Harry Morse, 9th Battalion, King’s
Joseph Ismay, 9th Battalion, King’s
Peter Morris, 9th Battalion, King’s
Arthur Britz, 9th Battalion, King’s
John Swinnerton, 9th Battalion, King’s
William Ledson, 9th Battalion, King’s
Thomas McClelland, Loyal North Lancs
Robert McKenzie, Loyal North Lancs
Thomas Moore, 2nd Life Guards
Harry Roberts, South Wales Borderers
John Roberts, South Wales Borderers
Henry Fearon, Inniskilling Fusiliers
William Oliver, Royal Field Artillery
Henry Russell, 1st West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery
F Johnston, Lord Derby’s Artillery
John McClelland, National Reserve
John Russell, Engineers
James Sill, RAMC
John W Taylor, Army Service Corps
John Williams

Sons of Derry LOL 695 (Liverpool)
George Winrow, King’s Liverpool
L G Brennan, Black Watch
James Scott, National Guard
Charles Whiteway, National Guard
Robert Erskine, National Guard
L G Brennan, Black Watch


Heroes of the Boyne LOL 61 (Liverpool)
Seth Ormondy, 5th King’s Liverpool Regiment
James Bethell, 2nd South Lancashire
Thomas Windermere, 2nd South Lancashire
William Bell, 3rd South Lancashire
Thomas Hannah, 16th Battalion, Cheshires
Robert Hannah, 16th Battalion, Cheshires
John Stringfellow, Palatine Artillery
Edward Jones, Army Service Corps
J G Owens, Royal Navy
Sam Irvine, Royal Navy
Thomas Ramsey, Royal Navy

Kirkdale’s Glory LOL 113 (Liverpool)
H Millington, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment
J Livingstone, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
W H Clarke
W Major
T Nuttall
G Ralinson
T Eden
J Hayhurst
H Davidson

Royal Standard LOL 787 (Liverpool)
T R Price, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
James McIntosh, Royal Navy
T Stanaway, Royal Navy

Johnson’s True Blues LOL 244 (Liverpool)
Samuel Mitchell, Royal Engineers
William Aldridge, Royal Naval Volunteers
James Stephenson, Liverpool Merchants’ Mobile Hospital, France

Royal Arch Purple Heroes LOL 581 (Liverpool)
J G Paris, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment
F Allan, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment
G Maylor, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment
J Allan, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment
R Lyness, Loyal North Lancs
W Brayton, South Lancs
J Mevells, South Lancs
E Adgey, 16th Battalion, Cheshires
J Wallace, Black Watch
J Johnstone, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers
I Slater, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers
R Bond, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers
I Houghton, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

R Bellis, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers
I Bellis, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers
S Cregeen, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers
B Hughes, Royal Field Artillery
J Joynson, Royal Field Artillery
F Lambert, Royal Field Artillery
W Hathaway
W Hampson
G Purnell
W Gordon
W Jordan
J Taylor
J Bushell
E Bushell
J Welsby
T Swale

Kelsey’s Pride LOL 311 (Liverpool)
A Kelly, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William Lindsay, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John T Chapman Jnr, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W H Kelly, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
James Sill, National Reserve
Charles Alexander
John Lloyd
Richard J Pierce
William Baker

Sons of Enniskillen LOL 265 (Liverpool)
Henry Littlemore, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Alfred Owens, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Mason, King’s Liverpool Regiment Reserve
George Evans, Lancashire Fusiliers
John Williams, 3rd Company, the Comrades
Edward Williams, 3rd Company, the Comrades
Charles Frodsham, 3rd Company, the Comrades
Ben Bradley, Inniskilling Fusiliers
William Senior, Ulster Volunteers
Edward Charnock, Royal Horse Artillery
Daniel Woods, Royal Garrison Artillery
Thomas Woods, Royal Garrison Artillery
James Dowson, Lord Derby’s Artillery
Jos. Hodgson, National Reserves
Robert Nuir, Dardanelles Fleet
George Chapman, HM Troopship


Lily of the North LOL 255 (Liverpool)
Thomas N Brown Jnr, 7th King’s Territorial
John Reynolds, Grenadier Guards
Joseph Wilson, Inniskilling Fusiliers
Joseph Hughes, Royal Field Artillery
George Moss, Kitchener’s Army
William Molyneaux, RAMC
George Worthington, Royal Naval Reserve
James Parr

Colonel Saunderson’s Memorial LOL 836 (Liverpool)
Richard Carruthers, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Hodge, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Vaughan, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Dalrymple, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Mark Prytherick, South Lancashires
Tom Howarth, Royal Field Artillery
Ed Dunn, Royal Field Artillery
D Davies, Royal Field Artillery
John Sinwoodie

Star of the East LOL 12 (Liverpool)
E Johnstone
T Evans
J H Kerr
J O’Bryan
D Beck
S S Garrett
T M Castney
J H Bryan
W J M McCormack
E Robinson

Star of the North LOL 36 (Liverpool)
William Travers, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Robert Tollen, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Primrose LOL 248 (Liverpool)
John Vincent Cuthbert, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
I Wilcox, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Robert Marr, 2nd Life Guards
George Cuthbert, Scottish Rifles
Richard Witter, National Reserve


Protestant Boys of Liverpool LOL 769 (Liverpool)
Joseph Stock, 2nd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Robert Giles, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Charles Parry, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Archibald Poole, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Samuel Austin, 13th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William Barrow, 20th Battalion, LKCR
John Swanson, 2nd Battalion, Cheshire Regiment
William Conchie, Royal Engineers
Frank Stock, WLDAC
William Parry, ASC
James Hartless, HMS Blake

Pride of Derry Total Abstinence LOL 760 (Liverpool)
Edward Llewellyn, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Benjamin Llewellyn, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
R Jackson, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Testrow, King’s Royal Rifles
Thomas Candleland, Royal Navy
Robert Cooke, Royal Navy

Defenders of Derry LOL 763 (Liverpool)
W Kelro, King’s
J Aspinall, King’s
N Simpson, King’s
H Prichard, South Lancs
J Bird, Welsh Fusiliers
J Paterson, Seaforth Highlanders
J Harrison

England’s Glory LOL 293 (Liverpool)
James Lewis Humphries, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Boardsman, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William Disley, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William Jones, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William White, South Lancs
William Delve, 11th Manchester Regiment
John Moore, Inniskilling Fusiliers
Robert W Humphries, 14th Field Ambulance
Charles Barlow, 148th Brigade
George Morselle


Derry Walls LOL 21 (Liverpool)
B Parrott
C Cork
J Meadows
H Cliff
David Jones
Thomas Clarke
R Ingham
James Robinson

Old Brunswick LOL 88 (Liverpool)
F Trafford Jnr, 6th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
C Penny Jnr, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
S B Bentley, Loyal North Lancs
J B Dunwoody, Royal Fusiliers
E Weekes, 2nd Dragoon Guards
W Gates, Inniskilling Fusiliers
A Johnson, Lancs, Royal Field Artillery, Lord Derby’s
W G Highton, Liverpool Civic, RAMC
J Ashcroft, Kitchener’s Army
G Allen, Kitchener’s Army
W Webbe, Kitchener’s Army
W Capper, Kitchener’s Army
H Webb, Kitchener’s Army
T Miller, National Reserve
Peter Catterall, HMS Lion
John McDonald, Royal Navy

Stanley Blues LOL 116 (Liverpool)
R Hilton, 11th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
James Hilton, 11th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Partington
John Johnson
Peter Cave

The Trevor LOL 368 (Liverpool)
Charles Swash, King’s Liverpool Regiment
James McGlynn, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Thomas Burrows, 11th Hussars
James Carr, RAMC
John Rhodes, National Reserve
William Cowden, National Reserve
Walter Bray, National Reserve


Protestant Star LOL 782 (Liverpool)
John Whittle, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Fred Holt, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
J Jones, King’s Liverpool Regiment, “Liverpool Pals”
A Unsworth, 9th Territorials
G H Chappell, Rifle Brigade

Rose of England LOL 235 (Liverpool)
J T Coffey, Royal Field Artillery
Robert Howarth, National Reserve

Pride of Walton LOL 258 (Liverpool)
T Jones, Royal Navy
T Leeson, Royal Navy
G F Deacon
E George
J H Owens
J Davies
J Anthony
W Spencer
Allan McDougall
A Cole
E Steen
H Lewis
T Walker
J Owens
J Campbell
R Proctor
J Sharples
W Rogers
J Hughes
W Gore

Pride of Aintree LOL 757 (Liverpool)
William Jones, 9th Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers

The Ivy LOL 783 (Liverpool)
W Woodward, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Physhian, King’s Liverpool Regiment
J Johnson, Inniskilling Fusiliers
C Lacey, Royal Field Artillery
S Brown, Royal Field Artillery
A Pattie, Royal Garrison Artillery
H Clayton, Royal Garrison Artillery
S Mooney, Royal Naval Reserve
W Rhodes, Royal Naval Reserve
J Gregson, RFR


Pride of the North LOL 841 (Liverpool)
Thomas Taft, Durham Light Infantry

Earl of Derby LOL 846 (Liverpool)
Ernest Smith, 43rd Field Ambulance, RAMC

The Everett LOL 108 (Liverpool)
Thomas H Jones, 3rd Battalion, Liverpool Pals
Albert Coslett, 4th Battalion, Liverpool Pals
William Woods, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Alfred Humphries, Wiltshire Regiment
George Gilbert, 6th Rifles Ter.
Thomas H Forshaw, Army Service Corps
Albert Caryl, Queen’s Boys
Edward W Bessant, National Reserve

The Liverpool Heroes LOL 374 (Liverpool)
J Middleton, 11th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
S Trenshaw, 12th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
R Prophet, South Lancashire Regiment
R Harrison, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers
W Miney, 9th Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers
T Day, 9th Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers
W Burgess, Royal Field Artillery
J Hughes, Royal Field Artillery
J Goldstone, Royal Field Artillery
J Beggs, WLG Artillery
T Frost, 3rd WL Field Artillery
J Kerr, 1st West Lancs Ar.
W Wittle
C Poole


Old Swan Royal Arch Purple Heroes LOL 810 (Liverpool)
W Reid, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Dennett, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
J Leatherbarrow, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
T Fletcher, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Harkwell, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
A Shelbourne, 11th Service Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
E Stock, 15th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
J Donaldson, East Lancashire Regiment
W Houghton, South Lancashire Regiment
L Herbert, South Lancashire Regiment
R Keir, South Lancashire Regiment
J Rooney, South Lancashire Regiment
George Clarke, North Lancashire Regiment
W Ackers, Cheshire Regiment (Bantam)
J Lunn, 2nd Highland Light Infantry
A Mason, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
George Clarke, Palatine Artillery
R Solivan, HMS Euarbyas
J Elliott, Royal Naval Reserve
W Johnston, National Reserve
T Naylor, National Reserve
J Maguire, National Reserve
A Johnston, National Reserve

The Star of Toxteth LOL 105 (Liverpool)
Ernest Taylor, 5th Dragoon Guards
H C McLean, Inniskillings
W Hall, HMS Jupiter
W G O’Hara, Hospital Ship Placy
H Williams, Hospital Ship Placy
W Rounds

Holden’s Pride of Wavertree LOL 786 (Liverpool)
A Stanley, C Company, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Alfred E Kaye, A Company, 11th Pioneer
George Bewley, B Company, 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers
W Hulme, 4 Company, KW Guard
W Cockburn, B Company

St Nathaniel’s LOL 466 (Liverpool)
Charles Nisbett, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Hersee, Cheshire Regiment (Bantams)
William Niblock, RAMC
Charles Warm, Territorials


Ulster Scot True Blues LOL 825 (Birkenhead)
S McPherson, 5th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment
R McElney, Royal Field Artillery
J Williams, Royal Naval Reserve

Pride of Kirkdale LOL 251 (Liverpool)
William Whitehead

Ulster Royal Blues LOL 543 (Liverpool)
W Ryland, Seaforth Highlanders
J Dunn, Royal Marines
J Corkish, Royal Navy

Rose of Kirkdale LOL 709 (Liverpool)
J Palmer
W Huntington

Protestant Reformers Memorial LOL 758 (Liverpool)
Robert Hall, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Alfred Lucas, Scots Guards
Joseph Hughes, Royal Field Artillery
Edward Jones, Royal Field Artillery
Alexander Jones, Royal Field Artillery
Albert Bell

Protestant Reformers Memorial Juvenile LOL 34 (Liverpool)
Ed. Wilmott, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
H Blackburn, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
P Brocklebank, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
James Gore, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
J Powell, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

The Diamond Temperance LOL 790 (Liverpool)
James Unsworth, Inniskilling Fusiliers
Isaac Adams Jnr, Royal Field Artillery

Ulster Scot LOL 423 (Liverpool)
Richard Roberts

City of Liverpool LOL 663 (Liverpool)
George Hook, Liverpool Pals, Lord Derby’s
Dr J Barnes, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Dr J Prentice, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Beaconsfield LOL 243 (Liverpool)
W J Birkett, Liverpool Pals
George Archeson, 7th Liverpool
R Wilson

Liverpool Province
James Broughton, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Rock Ferry Purple Heroes LOL 50 (Birkenhead)
John Leath, Cheshire Regiment

No Surrender LOL 148 (Birkenhead)
John Lloyd, King’s Royal Rifles
Joseph Morton, Cheshire Regiment

Schomberg LOL 257 (Birkenhead)
Michael Munroe
William McMeekin

Bidston Hill Heroes LOL 707 (Birkenhead)
J Green, 4th Battalion, Cheshires
W Windrow, 14th Battalion, Cheshires
T Mutch, Cheshires
J Ford, Cheshires
Robert Edwards, Cheshires
Ed Pugh, Cheshires
R Probing, South Wales Borderers
Joe Seddon, Royal Garrison Artillery
H H Green, Royal Garrison Artillery
William Green, Royal Engineers
G Walker, Royal Engineers
G Mason, Royal Engineers
J Harrison, Army Service Corps
Alex C Radley, Royal Naval Reserve
Ed Poole, Royal Naval Reserve

Kensit Memorial LOL 743 (Birkenhead)
Nat Hobson, 15th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Charles J Rogers, 4th Cheshires
William Anderson, 4th Cheshires


Garston True Blues LOL 64 (Liverpool)
James Airey, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
H Hazlehurst, South Lancashire Regiment
A Brown, South Lancashire Regiment
T Lewthwaite, South Lancashire Regiment
E Dunbavin, Lancashire Fusiliers
A Hughes, Lancashire Fusiliers
W Merrick, Royal Field Artillery
George Vernon, Royal Field Artillery
George Peake Jnr, Royal Engineers
C Birkenhead, Kitchener’s Army
C J Jevons, Kitchener’s Army
C Gainey, Kitchener’s Army
Thomas Wright, Kitchener’s Army
R Tippett, Kitchener’s Army
H Bloom, Kitchener’s Army
S W Airey, HMS Monmouth
J H Lewis, Naval Volunteer Reserve
W Birkenhead, Naval Volunteer Reserve

The Pioneer LOL 697 (Buckley)
Ross H Jones, Royal Field Artillery
William Jones, Royal Field Artillery

Sons of Touchstone LOL 849 (St Helens)
Samuel Martin, 5th South Lancashires
Henry Martin, 5th South Lancashires
Richard Glover, 5th South Lancashires
Thomas Cathcart, 5th South Lancashires
Edward Hamilton, RASC

Enniskillen’s Glory LOL 538 (St Helens)
George Packworth, 5th South Lancashires
John Henry Evens, Royal Engineers
Albert Dutton, Royal Engineers
John Lawrence, St Helens Territorials
Harrison James Litherland, National Reserve

Duke Schomberg LOL 486 (Wallasey)
A Howley, King’s Liverpool Regiment
D Work, RAMC
W J Taylor, ASC
H Wakelam


Seacombe’s Pride LOL 831 (Wallasey)
William Roddick
J Benson
S Thomas
William Rimmer
H Haigh
M McGewvan

Pride of Poulton LOL 835 (Wallasey)
William W Fidler, 1st Cheshire
Harry Williams, 1st Cheshire
Thomas Rentoul, 4th Cheshire
George Barrow, 4th Cheshire
James Pritchard, 11th Cheshires
Oliver Harding, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Ronald W Giles, Denbighshire Hussars
J A Saly, Denbighshire Hussars
John McKee, Royal Field Artillery
Isaac Keeley, Royal Garrison Artillery
William Ashley, Royal Garrison Artillery
Samuel Preston, Army Service Corps
William Simpson, Army Service Corps
James Pulford, Royal Navy
Lawrence Malcolm, Royal Navy

Robinson LOL 712 (Haydock)
Thomas Henry Marsh, Army Service Corps

Colonel Sandys LOL 725 (Moss Bank, St Helens)
Jno Ashcroft, 11th South Lancashire Regiment

Colonel Waring LOL 716 (Earlestown, Ashton-in-Makerfield)
George Sutton, 4th South Lancashire Regiment
R P Oubridge, Essex Yeomanry

No Surrender LOL 805 (Haydock)
Wilfrid Butler, South Lancashire Regiment
William Speakman, South Lancashire Regiment
William Henry Hilton, Lancashire Hussars, Imperial Yeomanry
Thomas Byron, Gordon Highlanders

Lord Kenyon LOL 11 (Oldham)
George Keast, Manchester Regiment
A N Colbourn, Manchester Regiment
J W Raynor, Seaforth Highlanders
Tom Briddock, Expeditionary Force


Prince of Peace LOL 416 (Whitworth near Rochdale)
George Quance, 2nd East Lancashire Regiment
James Rothwell, County Palatine Artillery

Prince of Orange LOL 170 (Whitworth near Rochdale)
Joseph Phillips, Lancashire Fusiliers
George William Grimes, Winchester Rifles
Jackson Jackson, Royal Field Artillery
James Hissey, RAMC

Victoria LOL 360 (Winsford)
W H Burgess
Maurice Burgess
A Wright
Tom Blackburn
Lawrence Fitton
Walter Lamb
J S Knowles
Frank Knowles
Albert Warburton
George L Squibbs
J G Hitchen
Walter Hodkinson
Albert Dunning
Walter Dunning
J W Hope
Samuel Knowles
George Parks Jnr
John Egerton
Fred Walker
Joseph Bowden
G W Shaw
Fred Curzons
Clarence Newall

Prince George LOL 473 (Lostock Hall near Preston)
Charles Hewitt, Loyal North Lancs
J W Gorst, Royal Field Artillery
Robert Hill
Arthur Walton

Princess of Wales Ladies Lodge 1 (Preston)
Nurse Florence Parker, Leyland UAD


Victoria LOL 163 (Preston)
Vincent Joyce, 4th Loyal North Lancashire
James Kitchen, 4th Loyal North Lancashire
William Yates, 4th Loyal North Lancashire
Percy Yates, 4th Loyal North Lancashire
John Davidson, 4th Loyal North Lancashire
George Knowles, 4th Loyal North Lancashire
Elisha Smith, 4th Loyal North Lancashire
Edward Higham, East Lancashire Regiment
Samuel Ashworth, Royal Field Artillery
David Bradshaw, Royal Field Artillery
Henry Berenguer, Royal Field Artillery
Fred Hamer, Royal Field Artillery
James Heys, Royal Field Artillery
Richard Crook, RAMC
Ernest Waddington, RAMC

Prince of Wales LOL 167 (Preston)
Thomas Shaw, 1st Battalion, Loyal North Lancs
Thomas Henry Flowers, 4th Battalion, Loyal North Lancs
Josiah Rigby, 4th Battalion, Loyal North Lancs
Thomas Brown, 2nd King’s Own Lancasters
Albert Dunckley, 6th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment
Frederick Wisdom, East Lancashire Regiment
Thomas Woods, East Lancashire Regiment
William Balfour Taylor, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Robert Howarth, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Herbert Dixon, 2nd West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery
John Brown Wallbank, 9th West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery
John Bradley, Royal Engineers
John Preston, Army Service Corps
Henry Oswald Riley, Army Trans Corps
William H Bower, Royal Navy
William Walker, National Reserve

St John’s LOL 273 (Preston)
Joseph Bellas, 2nd West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery
Albert Bellas, Royal Garrison Artillery

Stanley LOL 471 (Preston)
James Ainsworth


Protestant Martyrs LOL 237 (Preston)
Robert Edmund Leed, 17th Lancers
Thomas Holmes, Loyal North Lancs Territorials
Thomas Wareing, Loyal North Lancs Territorials
George Clarkson, 4th West Lancs Territorial
Stephen Thompson, Birkenhead Bantams
John Preston, Royal Field Artillery
Frederick Wilding, Naval Ambulance

Emmanuel LOL 238 (Preston)
Samuel Robinson, 1st Loyal North Lancs
Edward Lowe, 3rd Loyal North Lancs
Ernest Parkinson, 4th North Lancs
Joseph Waddington, 17th Lancashire Fusiliers
John Seddon, 15th Cheshires
Albert Edward Houghton, 2nd West Lancs
John Greenwood, West Lancs Territorials
Thomas Barnes, West Lancs Territorials
Fred Parkinson, Royal Field Artillery
John Maymon, Royal Field Artillery
Edwin Rhodes Legard,
Edward Montague
Henry Norris
Albert Bolton

Martin Luther LOL 477 (Preston)
Richard Webb, 2nd West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery
Norman Allison
Robert Bradshaw
John Billington
Robert Baron
Fred Bannister
William Clithero
Norman Haydock
Thomas Livesey
Thomas Mather
Albert McIver
George Morris
John Nuttall
Jas Osbaldeston
William Parker
Albert Robinson
James Ryding
Gordon Snape
James Snape
Harold Seed


Lord Nelson LOL 160 (Ince)
H Butler
J Eaves
George Henry Gaskell
William Hodson
James Judd

King William LOL 194 (New Springs, Wigan)
Dr Joseph Carroll, Army Medical Corps

Pride of Standish LOL 161 (Standish near Wigan)
Alfred Arstall, Coldstream Guards
James Brown, Lancashire Fusiliers
Richard Mason, Lancashire Fusiliers
John Barlow, 14th Manchesters
Charles Fairhurst, 14th Manchesters
Walter Syner, 14th Manchesters
John Bentham, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Winstanley, Loyal North Lancashire
Richard Winstanley, Royal Field Artillery
Robert Leigh, Royal Field Artillery

Loyal Triumphant LOL 37 (Ashton-in-Makerfield)
G W Littler, 3rd Border Regiment
A L Jackson, 10th Border Regiment
G Monks, KRR
F Hope, Lancashire Hussar Yeomanry
Bryce Ogden

Burnaby LOL 490 (Golborne)
Joseph Williams, 4th South Lancs, Territorial Force
Peter Pennington, 4th South Lancs, Territorial Force
Thomas Hewitt, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Wilcock, Shropshire Light Infantry
W Critchley, Gordon Highlanders
Robert Kilshaw, Royal Field Artillery
Joseph Prescott, Royal Field Artillery
S F Twiss, Royal Field Artillery
Thomas McDoughal, Royal Field Artillery
John Heath, Royal Field Artillery
John Marsh, RAMC
Phillip Davies, RAMC
George Lowe


Earl of Iddesleigh LOL 642 (Garswood near Wigan)
Robert Lowe, 5th South Lancashires
Frank Rowe, Royal Field Artillery
David Taylor, Royal Engineers
George Albert Marsh, Army Service Corps
Thomas Joseph Taylor, RAMC

James Gibson Memorial Temperance LOL 812 (Hebburn)
Alex Johnstone, Cyclist Battalion
Mitchell McDonald, Durham Howitzers
Bro Purvis, Royal Field Artillery, Durham
Edwin Jones, Royal Engineers

Lily of Barrow LOL 365 (Barrow-in-Furness)
Joseph Wilkinson, Border Regiment
Albert Gratton, 4th King’s Own
James Wilson, 4th King’s Own
William Pursley, Inniskilling Fusiliers
William Johnstone, Royal Irish Rifles
Harry Jefferson, Royal Irish Rifles
George Chapman, Royal Irish Rifles
David Graham, Royal Navy
Joseph McLinden, Royal Navy
John Newsham, Royal Navy
Charles McCilroy, Royal Navy
Reggie Ryson, Royal Navy
McCyntyre Shields, Royal Navy
William McLinden
William James Queen
James Neill
Thomas Ray
Donald Lycons
Tomas Ravey
Frederick Linny
William G Inglis
Thomas Pears

Crimson Banner LOL 403 (Harrington, Cumberland)
Edward Harding, Royal Navy

Earl of Beaconsfield LOL 563 (Barrow-in-Furness)
John White, Inniskilling Fusiliers
William Morrow, Inniskilling Fusiliers


Pride of the North LOL 339 (Hebburn)
William Russel, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
William A Laird, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
William Robinson, Royal Irish Rifles
Thomas Monroe, Royal Field Artillery
Andrew Lilley, Royal Garrison Artillery
John Gordon, Royal Engineers
David Morrison, Royal Engineers
William Leetch, Army Service Corps

Bentinck LOL 171 (Whitehaven)
Joseph Telford, 3rd Border Regiment
Henry Gray, 3rd Border Regiment
John Telford, 5th Border Regiment
Isaac Robinson, 5th Border Regiment
Isaac Bowness Snr
Isaac Bowness Jnr
James Telford
John E Horsley

Douglas Total Abstainers LOL 736 (Douglas, Isle of Man)
Albert W Cleator, Army B Regiment
W Brew, ASC
R Simpson, Royal Navy

Star of Mona LOL 764 (Douglas, Isle of Man)
J J Kelly, Army Service Corps
W Latham, Isle of Man Volunteers
E Garrett, National Reserve
T Quinney, HMS Ramsey

William Touchstone LOL 517 (Flimby, Cumberland)
Robert Rainey Dunigan, 5th Border Regiment
Joseph Ismay, 5th Border Regiment

William E Moss Temperance LOL 518 (Workington)
Thomas Brown, Cumberland & Westmorland Yeomanry

Workington True Blues LOL 522 (Workington)
G E Fleet, 5th Battalion, Border Regiment
James Thompson, 8th Battalion, Border Regiment
Andrew Donnan, 9th Battalion Border Regiment
Alec H Harvey, 11th Battalion Border Regiment
J Craig, 4th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment
W J Nelson, National Guards


Enniskillen LOL 118 (Blackburn)
David Cunningham, East Lancashire Regiment

King William III LOL 106 (Blackburn)
William Dewhurst, Royal Marines

Cranmer LOL 444 (Blackburn)
Daniel Slater, 4th East Lancashire Territorials
Thomas Slater, 6th Manchester Regiment
Herbert Dickenson, 6th Manchester Regiment

Earl of Beaconsfield LOL 405 (Blackburn)
George Crabtree, 4th East Lancashire Regiment
T Whewell, 4th East Lancashire Regiment

Duke of Cumberland LOL 173 (Blackburn)
Thomas Almona, Kitchener’s Army
Henry Ramsbottom, Kitchener’s Army

William LOL 270 (Blackburn)
R Dawson Jnr, Royal Field Artillery

William, Prince of Orange LOL 141 (Blackburn)
J J Read, Scots Borderers
William Summer, Royal Field Artillery
M T Read, Egypt
William Cayton, Transport
Alfred Hacking, Army Service Corps
John Watson, National Reserve
Rd Shorrock, Royal Flying Corps

Ridley LOL 371 (Newcastle-On-Tyne)
John Anderson, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robert Williamson, Northumberland Fusiliers
William Wilson, Northumberland Fusiliers
Samuel Hyslop, 11th Brigade, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Benjamin Wilson, Royal Navy

Jubilee LOL 654 (Accrington)
W H Preston, 14th Battalion, Rifle Brigade
N Bentley, ACC Howitzer Brigade

Tantobie LOL 387 (Tantobie)
Thomas Hill, East Yorks
James Fergusson, West Yorks


Purple Heroes LOL 432 (Jarrow)
Alfred Walton, Kitchener’s Army
Thomas Irvin, Kitchener’s Army
William Turnbull, Kitchener’s Army

Salisbury Blues LOL 677 (Newcastle)
James Murray, Highland Fusiliers

Carson’s True Blues LOL 262 (Gateshead)
David Richardson, 16th Northumberland Fusiliers
Robert J Davidson, 16th Northumberland Fusiliers
Thomas W Rolls, Northumberland ASC
William J Sadler, Northumberland ASC

Loyal Victory LOL 31 (Kidderminster)
T Bird, Worcestershire Regiment
F Cooper, Worcestershire Regiment
A Whitmore, Worcestershire Regiment
R Hopkins, Royal Field Artillery

Brunswick LOL 52 (Kidderminster)
H Parkes, Worcestershire Regiment
W J Payne, Royal Field Artillery
A C Brown, Army Pay Officer

Bridgewater LOL 459 (Wigan)
Henry Blackburne, 5th Manchester Regiment
William Hayton, 5th Manchester Regiment
James Allen

Reverend Doctor Burnet LOL 854 (Birmingham)
W D Scott, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders

Lord Cairns LOL 242 (Birmingham)
E T Hepburn, Royal Field Artillery
A Neeby
W H Copson
A H Wort
H West
T Langley

Alderman J H Chesshire LOL 840 (West Bromwich)
Samuel Bowcott, 2/5th South Staffs
Charles Parker, 2/5th South Staffs


John Rogers Martyr LOL 843 (King’s Heath, Birmingham)
Philip Norman Robertson, Royal Warwickshire
George Parkes, 2nd South Midlands Red Cross

Albert LOL 175 (Birmingham)
T W Boston, 1st Royal Engineers
W E Holmes

Metropolitan Province
Thomas C Ralph, RAMC

Huntingdon LOL 672 (Shepherd’s Bush, London)
Sergeant-Major Reid
Frederick Clark, Shooting Instructor
R M Law, National Training Corps
Henry Spark, National Reserve

Victoria Jubilee LOL 637 (Willesden, London)
Colonel F S Fitzpatrick
F R White, Commandant, Middlesex Volunteers
Arthur James Seal, Special Police

Schomberg LOL 186 (Gunnersbury, London)
L N Gingell, Royal Engineers

Tyndale LOL 667 (Lewisham, London)
L R Dubois, 20th County of London
F McTirley Gilmer
W H Hurn

Bullinger LOL 481 (Walthamstow, London)
G W J Cole, Royal Fusiliers
P J Curl, Officers’ Training Corps

Countess of Caledon LOL 330 (London)
Leo R Gingell

Luther LOL 233 (Pimlico, London)
J Sales, Irish Guards
J Martin, Devonshire Regiment
A Evans, Royal Irish Rifles
J McCreery, Royal Artillery
M Leslie, Royal Garrison Artillery
W H Ellerton, Royal Engineers
A E Humby, Army Service Corps
C Alexander, HMS Ganges II
C Briggs, Royal Flying Corps


Colonel Whale’s Purple Guards LOL 45 (Bethnal Green, London)
A H Beckett, Royal Engineers
S W Chapman, Royal Engineers

Enniskillen LOL 77 (City of London)
A H Earl, 7th Battalion, London Regiment
G H Vane, RAMC
W E Gatehouse, HMS Ganges
G Gatehouse

Royal William LOL 717 (East Ham, London)
W Patton, Royal Field Artillery
H S Greenhagh, HMS Walaroo
A J Charlton, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
V A Dewar, HM Warships
A W Nicholls, Home Defence Corps

Wycliffe LOL 752 (Balham, London)
T C Wetton, 2nd King Edward’s Horse
A E Corner, RAMC

Reformation LOL 779 (Finsbury Park, London)
E W Martin, Artiste’s Rifles
W Pidgeon, RAMC, 17th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers
E W H Gowan, RAMC
W G Robinson

Doctor Barnardo Memorial Total Abstinence LOL 819 (Limehouse, London)
W Cox, Royal Fusiliers
A T Davis, Rifle Brigade
G F Devaliant, 7th Lincolns
J McIntyre, 17th County of London
J Downham Jnr, Royal Engineers
B W Davis, Royal Engineers
E A Simpson, HMS Thrush
J Nash, Royal Navy

Wycliffe LOL 447 (Portsmouth)
G Flowers, Royal Navy
J Orr, Royal Navy
T J Tuck, Royal Navy
H Dwyer, Royal Navy
A C Whale, Royal Navy
C Hivons, Royal Navy


Martin Luther LOL 212 (Portsmouth)
Captain Thomas Woombell, King’s Royal Rifles
James Griffin, Royal Marines Light Infantry
W Uridge, Royal Marines Light Infantry
W F Barlow, Royal Navy
A Norris, Royal Navy
H G Porter, Royal Navy
J A Daniels, Royal Navy
W Hatton, Royal Navy
A Henderson, Royal Navy
C W Randell, Royal Navy
F Walshaw, Royal Navy
G W Odell, Royal Navy
W Olford, Royal Navy
G Dyer, Royal Navy
G Jebbett, Royal Navy
J R Shute, Royal Navy
W H Lockhart, Royal Navy

Prince of Wales LOL 329 (Portsmouth)
A Morbey, HMS Minerva
W Feltham, HMS Hibernia
A Taplin, HMS Good Hope

Circus LOL 48 (Portsmouth)
Charles Jenks, Royal Navy
George Linnell, Royal Navy
C W Gould, Royal Navy
G T Shepperd, Royal Navy
J G Macklin, Royal Navy
S F T Tollon, West Kents
T W Taylor,

Star of the East LOL 206 (Gosport)
J H Tildesley, Royal Marine Light Infantry
A Lakin, Royal Marine Light Infantry
A Simpson, Royal Marine Light Infantry
F Gardiner, Royal Marine Light Infantry
J Holroyd, Royal Marine Light Infantry
R J Macaulay, Royal Marine Light Infantry
G J Tyrrell, Royal Navy
G E H James, Royal Navy
Ed George, Royal Navy
E Evans, Royal Navy
J A Huggard, Hampshire Regiment
T Bradley, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
A W C Blake, RAMC


Royal Naval LOL 577 (Portsmouth)
Lieutenant-Commander E Pratt, Royal Navy
Harry Bradley, Royal Navy
John Barber, Royal Navy
Edward Fletcher, Royal Navy
Frank Rowe, Royal Navy
E S Wise, Royal Navy
F Short, Royal Navy
W Spry, Royal Navy
W Scarratt, Royal Navy
J Dawe, Royal Navy
J Snape, Royal Navy
F Hendley, Royal Navy
R Bishop, Royal Navy
N Smith, Royal Navy
S Martin, Royal Navy
F Bignell, Royal Navy
T McConnell, Royal Navy
R B James, Royal Navy
J G Cuthbertson, Royal Navy
D Cross, Royal Navy
W Knight, Royal Navy
C W Shinkfield, Royal Navy
J Collier, Royal Navy
S Corbin, Royal Navy
W Lapidge, Royal Navy
A Harris, Royal Navy
A Biddle, Royal Navy
G Shepherd, Royal Navy
A Stafford, Royal Navy
A C Lane, Royal Navy
M Faulkner, Royal Navy
H Scarrott, Royal Navy
J Siddle, Royal Navy
C Coles, Royal Navy
J Ashton, Royal Navy
W A Pook, Royal Navy
H J Taylor, Royal Navy
W Palmer, Royal Navy
H Rawlins, Royal Navy
F Garrett, Royal Navy


Sons of William LOL 652 (Gillingham)
R Newman, HMS Pathfinder
T Hopton, HMS Good Hope
W Metcalfe, HMS Cressy
W McCabry, HMS Cressy
J Barlow, HMS Cressy
W J Griffiths, Clan McNaughton
W Scarff, Royal Navy
W Barker, Royal Navy
A Atkinson, Royal Navy
J Harper, Royal Navy
J Ferguson, Royal Navy
J Jenkins, Royal Navy
W McKee, Royal Navy
D Rockingham, Royal Navy
R Elliott, Royal Navy
W Westwood, Royal Navy
G R Foulger, Royal Navy
E Pearson, Royal Navy
H Brown, Royal Navy
E P Brewin, Royal Navy
W Querus, Royal Navy
R Middleton, Royal Navy
F Jones, Royal Navy
J T Beauey, Royal Navy
W Loham, Royal Navy
T J Rye, Royal Navy
J Boyle, Royal Navy
W Hawley, Royal Navy
A Frisken, Royal Navy
S Courtney, Royal Navy
W H Bowmont, Royal Navy
R C Elder, Royal Navy
Jno Clifford, Royal Navy
V Clow, Royal Navy
H Wareham, Royal Navy
W L Rowe, Royal Navy
W Goodwin, Royal Navy
R C T Roe, Royal Navy
C Teem, Royal Navy
J H Gill, Royal Navy
E J Broadie, Royal Navy
P Longhorn, Royal Navy
E Wood, Royal Navy
J S Macpherson, Royal Navy
C J Beardow, Royal Navy
J H Willis, Royal Navy
W Mawhinney, Royal Navy

Sons of William LOL 652 (Gillingham) cont’d
W Jordan, Royal Navy
W Taylor, Royal Navy
W H Brown, Royal Navy
H Bellchamber, Royal Navy
J McClelland, Royal Navy
J Shaw, Royal Navy
F Sampson, Royal Navy
A Watts, Royal Navy
H Bloxham, Royal Navy
E J Mann, Royal Navy
A T Woodward, Royal Navy
W Turney, Royal Navy
W G Sage, Royal Navy
W Nash, Royal Navy
W A Shiels, Royal Navy
Frank Rees, Royal Navy
James Magee, Royal Navy
W McKay, Royal Navy
J Donald, Royal Navy
A Wright, Royal Navy
F Forsyth, Royal Navy
W Daverson, Royal Navy
H McKee, Royal Navy
T Russell, Royal Navy
W Barlow, Royal Navy
E Austin, Royal Navy
W R Bates, Royal Navy
G Buckle, Royal Navy
J Hill, Royal Navy
A H Brightman, Royal Navy
J Poppleton, Royal Navy
H W Stevens, Royal Navy
J T Wilding, Royal Navy
W W Richardson, Royal Navy
H Overton, Royal Navy
J Gibby, Royal Navy
J W Brown, Royal Navy
J Gregg, Royal Navy
A Perry, Royal Navy
J Hicks, Royal Navy
W Clack, Royal Navy
P K Robinson, Royal Navy
V Patterson, Royal Navy
S W Mullen, Royal Navy
H J White, Royal Navy
W G Fryer, Royal Navy
T Appleton, Royal Navy

Sons of William LOL 652 (Gillingham) cont’d
T Graham, Royal Navy
G Orme, Royal Navy
J S Miller, Royal Navy
J Mack, Royal Navy
S Clover, Royal Navy
W Smith, Royal Navy
James Little, Royal Navy
H Storey, Royal Navy
R Rosbotham, Royal Navy
W G Crocker, Royal Navy
W Scarborough, Royal Navy
A Bee, Royal Navy
James Agnew, Royal Navy
W Gordon, Royal Engineers
W Hanna, Royal Engineers
A Gibson, Royal Engineers
J Leahy, Royal Engineers
W Woodbridge, Royal Engineers

John Wycliffe LOL 674 (Southampton)
W Dodd, Dorset Regiment
F A Bartlett, Hampshire Royal Horse Artillery
W F Bulley, Royal Garrison Artillery
F Reypert Jnr, HMS Queen Elizabeth
S H Castle, Articus
A E Ames
E J Brewer
A E J Fox
C A Rogers
A Stannard
S J Smith

Sons of William LOL 556 (Sheerness)
J H Poole, Royal Navy
C H Dewbury, Royal Navy
H T Atkins, Royal Navy

Sons of Temperance LOL 698 (Gosport)
T Gafford, HMS Miranda
H Ferritt, HMS Princess Royal
E Sherlock, HMS Maidstone
W Turner, HMS Greyhound
C J H Moreland, HMS Harrier
A Geary, Royal Marine Light Infantry
J H C Arnold, 6th Hampshire Regiment
F G Geary, Hampshire Prov. Regiment


Castle of Dover LOL 838 (Dover)
Colonel Smythe, RAMC
Dr Adam, RAMC
Dr Waugh, Army Surgeon
J F Templeton, 11th Service Battalion, RF
T G Turrell, Royal Garrison Artillery
T R Jackson, Royal Garrison Artillery
R N Davidson, Royal Garrison Artillery
Bro Cruikshanks, Royal Garrison Artillery
Bro Bridger, Royal Garrison Artillery
Bro Magill, Army
H Walker, Army Reserve
Dr Elliott, Naval Surgeon
Captain Bevan, Royal Navy
Dr Acherson, Royal Navy
Bro Burdett, Royal Navy
W J E Lewis, Royal Naval Reserve
W J Bunker, Royal Naval Reserve
W Linesley, Royal Flying Corps

Star of the East LOL 802 (Hong Kong)
H A Thomas
F Long

Carnarvon LOL 827 (HMS Carnarvon, Devonport)
J Moorcroft, HMS Indefatigable
R B Greenfield, HMS Duke of Edinburgh
J Neill, HMS Duke of Edinburgh
W G Sage, HMS Inflexible
T Atkins, HMS Inflexible
S J Harper, HMS Inflexible
J Williams, HMS Inflexible
W Johnson, HMS Inflexible
C Edwards, HMS Inflexible
Charles Monson, HMS Defence
J H Britton, HMS Defence
T G Keown, HMS Defence
R Kerr, HMS Defence
C J Jenkins, HMS Defence
J Woodward, HMS Defence
J Cherry, HMS Defence
W Kellow, HMS Defence


Ulster Scot LOL 287 (Devonport)
T J Jordan, HMS Alarm
J L Young, HMS Active
Jos Shannon, HMS Albatross,
W Owens, HMS Argyll
F Boyd, HMS Argyll
James Harwood, HMS Algerine
Thomas Patterson, HMS Blake
James Patterson, HMS Bonnetta
Rd Hanning, HMS Collingwood
F Jones, HMS Collingwood
J Jenkins, HMS Collingwood
T Morton, HMS Collingwood
Robert Simpson, HMS Collingwood
A Duncan, HMS Collingwood
H Cousins, HMS Chameleon
A Johnson, HMS Challenger
D Prentice, HMS Comet
R B Greenfield, HMS Duke of Edinburgh
W A Fowler, HMS Duke of Edinburgh
S Venus, HMS Duke of Edinburgh
T McClelland, HMS Duke of Edinburgh
A Harris, HMS Duke of Edinburgh
R Roycroft, HMS Donegal
W N Jane, HMS Devonshire
W Rutter, HMS Devonshire
B H Jelley, HMS Defiance
J Hancox, HMS Defiance
E Keig, HMS Defiance
Jos Hamilton, HMS Defiance
Albert Boulton, HMS Defiance
W Bayley, HMS Defiance
C Monson, HMS Defence
G Minford, HMS Dublin
Charles Church, HMS Endymion
H Walker, HMS Essex
W H Garnsworthy, HMS Exmouth
S Green, HMS Fury
Syd Shepherd, HMS Fox
James Cuddy, HMS Foresight
T McConachy, HMS Goldfinch
Jno Cunningham, HMS Heron
W Roberts, HMS Hannibal
W Harrison, HMS Highflyer
James McIlwrath, HMS Indus
F Matters, HMS Indus
W Hatherley, HMS Lurcher
A Cosway, HMS Lurcher

Ulster Scot LOL 287 (Devonport) continued
G Flaherty, HMS Lion
James Brown, HMS Lion
F Davis, HMS Mutine
W Mackintosh, HMS Martin
W Tanks, HMS Martin
R McMullen, HMS Marlborough
George Ringland, HMS Nemesis
T H Green, HMS New Zealand
Alex Payne, HMS Nymphe
Walter Morgan, HMS Pegasus
W Jameson, HMS Pactolus
T Mitchell, HMS Pactolus
S Bryant, HMS Petroleum
George Cousins, HMS Ruby
R Wheeler, HMS Ruby
H Douglas, HMS Sabrina
Harry MacCormick, HMS Skirmisher
Robert Brockbank, HMS Skirmisher
Erno Scantlellry, HMS Skirmisher
T Lowden, HMS Skirmisher
A S Wadge, HMS Skirmisher
A G Hunt, HMS Skirmisher
H J Howe, HMS Skirmisher
W H Pascoe, HMS Skirmisher
James Martin, HMS Skirmisher
William Luxon, HMS Skirmisher
Arthur Patterson, HMS Suffolk
D Ferris, HMS Sunfish
J Routledge, HMS Sunfish
F Wilmott, HMS Temeraire
Leonard Beasley, HMS Warrior
W Greenleaf, Royal Navy Barracks
Herbert Thompson, Royal Navy Barracks
S J Fitter, Royal Navy Barracks
Walter Rooke, Royal Navy Barracks
R Johnson, Royal Navy Barracks
E Vetham, Royal Navy Barracks
W Dalton, Royal Navy Barracks
Samuel Hope, Royal Navy Barracks
Charles Southard, Royal Navy Barracks
H Earl, Royal Navy Barracks
T Patterson, Royal Navy Barracks
Thomas McConkie, Royal Navy Barracks
S Dixon, RFR Belfast
Ben Macavoy
J McBratney
T Double

Ulster Scot LOL 287 (Devonport) continued
T McDowell
H Marriott
J Hamilton
A Brady
W Fowler
Bro Pothero
Bro Fitter
Bro Medway

Devon Pioneer LOL 824 (Devonport)
C Denny, HMS Quail
T Chandler, HMS Quail
F Douggan, HMS Devonshire
H H Pile, HMS Forth
I H Neill, HMS Forth
T Blaney, HMS Leander
W Roberts, HMS New Zealand
S Vennard, HMS Temeraire
J McFaddon, HMS Barracks
T Whitney, Royal Navy Barracks
A Prothero, Royal Navy Barracks
C Jackson, Royal Navy Barracks

King William III LOL 688 (Plymouth)
R McAllister, HMS Cumberland
J Brown, HMS Cumberland
F J Willmer, HMS Lurcher
J Magill, HMS Lurcher
J Southerland, HMS Lurcher
J Moorcroft, HMS Indefatigable
J Bishop, HMS Bellona
D Carroll, HMS Defiance
C A Connor, HMS Ajax
E Maguire, HMS Illustrious
J Ruddack, HMS Diana
J Neill, HMS Cossack
E J Spargo, HMS Collosus
G Vickery, Royal Marine Light Infantry
R McKinney, Royal Marine Light Infantry
S Spargo
E Wilson

Rising Star of Devonport LOL 808 (Devonport)
W Reid, Submarine B2, Malta
S Clayton, Submarine B2, Malta
A Hart, Submarine B7, Malta
H Medcalf, Royal Navy Barracks

LOL 70 (Plymouth)
James Simpson, King’s Own R I
Cecil Mitchell, Devon Cyclists, 7th Division

Excelsior LOL 56 (Plymouth)
H Fisher, HMS Exmouth
L W Dyer, HMS Exmouth
E H J Parnell, HMS Conqueror
H Wright, HMS Powerful
P Lee, Royal Navy
J Blatchford, Royal Navy
E J Wakeham, Royal Navy
J Hughes, Royal Navy
W H Mudge, Royal Navy
A T Cornall, Royal Navy
M Young, Royal Navy
C Drayton, Royal Navy
E Stapleton, Royal Navy
J Gould, Royal Navy
T F Venton, Royal Navy
Bro Harrison, Royal Navy
Bro Davis, Royal Navy
J Purden, Royal Navy
H Hall, Royal Navy
H Johnson, Royal Navy
H G T Hower, Royal Navy
E Alford, Royal Marine Light Infantry
A Williams, Royal Marine Light Infantry
Bro Cross, Royal Marine Light Infantry
H Fisher, Royal Marine Light Infantry
F Dean, Royal Marine Light Infantry
F Devenish-Meeres, Territorials

Derrick Carver LOL 739 (Brighton)
H A Punk, Sussex Regiment
W Richardson, Scots Greys

Southdown LOL 398 (Lewes)
M R Robertson, Essex Regiment
Robert Penn, HMS Venus

Oliver Cromwell LOL 734 (Croydon)
Dr Thompson
E T Hesse, Artists’ Rifles
P H Collett, The Honourable The Artillery Company
P R Field, London Electrical Engineers
A R Field, London Electrical Engineers
A Greenaway

Cardiff City LOL 803 (Cardiff)
W Underwood, Army Service Corps
Stanley Meyrick, Army Service Corps
W J Flynn, Ammunition Column

Colston LOL 551, (Bristol)
F Coombs, Royal Navy

Luther LOL 837 (Weston-Super-Mare)
Lt-Colonel H Browne, Chief Recruiting Officer
Captain G S Sandys, 2nd Life Guards
Captain Reginald Greaves-Knyfton, Somerset Light Infantry
Lieutenant Cyril Snow, Somerset Light Infantry
William Vennall, 18th Hussars
James T Hunter, Royal Naval Reserve
Ernest Handy, Clothing Department

Borough of Bootle LOL 33
J W Woods, Royal Scots Fusiliers
E Pearson, Royal Field Artillery

St Mary’s Temperance LOL 813 (Bootle)
Thomas Martin, 7th Lancashires
Alfred Hough, RAMC
George Fitton, Royal Naval Reserve

Progress of Seaforth LOL 817 (Bootle)
Hector McQuarrie, 4th King’s Liverpool Regiment
Thomas Cragg, 5th Dragoon Guards
Charles Goldring, National Reserve

Bootle Village True Blues LOL 822 (Bootle)
A E Mawbey, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Muncaster, 14th Battalion, Manchester Regiment
Richard Morrow, Army Service Corps
George Hamilton, HMS Navy

Colonel Sandys’ Pride LOL 597 (Bootle)
James Harrison, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Thomas Mawdsley, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Edward Neville, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John Hutton, 7th King’s Territorials
Chris Seymour, South Lancs
Arthur Teaney, 4th Hussars
Richard Thompson, King’s National Reserve
I E James, King’s National Reserve
Willis Harwood, Royal Navy


Stanley’s Pride LOL 286 (Bootle)
C Taunton, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Rigby Jnr, 6th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
A Vasey, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
R E Williams, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
G Woods, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Hedge, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Raybould, Royal Field Artillery
R Jones, HMS Talbot
H Edwards, National Reserve
T Webb, National Reserve
R T Poole, National Reserve
I Dunham, National Reserve
W Fletcher, National Reserve
Tom Hilton

William Tyndale LOL 644 (Bootle)
A Redding, Coldstream Guards
G Heaton, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
M Swan, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
H Brown, 12th Service Battalion
W Hayward, Army Service Corps
G Paton, Admiralty
J Annal, Admiralty
H Parr, Admiralty
J Jones

Victoria Total Abstinence LOL 724 (Bootle)
James McGregor, King’s Liverpool Regiment
John J Bibby, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Evan Evans, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William Brown, Naval Volunteers
Robert Sumner, National Reserve
William Henry Guy
Charles Moss

Star of Kirkdale LOL 682 (Bootle)
A Smith
J Knowles
H Barnes
J Rimmer
T W Bawley
C Turner


Litherland Temperance LOL 770 (Bootle)
G Jones, City of Liverpool Pals
E Smith, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
H Hulme, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
J Goldsmith, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Rd Smith, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
R Hollis, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
William Roberts Jnr, 12th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment
W Foddey, South Lancs
G Robinson, 15th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment
J Gardiner, Lincoln Regiment
J Rogers, 8th Platoon, Border Regiment
William Roberts Snr, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
C Valentine, Lancashire & Cheshire Garrison Artillery
J H Chase, Royal Engineers
William Jones, Royal Engineers
William Ball, HMS Alsatian
George Nugent, HMS Majestic
William Nugent, HMS Strathford
W Clarke, Royal Fleet Reserve

Pride of Armagh LOL 839 (British Expeditionary Force)
Alfred J Schofield, Irish Fusiliers
Neville Richard, Royal Irish Rifles
Hugh A Wilson, Royal Irish Rifles
Alexander Graham, Royal Irish Rifles
Robert W Stephenson, Royal Irish Rifles
John S Cathcart, Royal Irish Rifles
William Magill, Royal Irish Rifles
James Anderson, Royal Irish Rifles
Bernard Lyons, Royal Irish Rifles
Frederick Borley, Royal Irish Rifles
Harry Lauder, Royal Irish Rifles
Robert Tetterington, Royal Irish Rifles
Harry Wilson, Royal Irish Rifles
George Reeves, Royal Irish Rifles
Benjamin Towner, Royal Irish Rifles
Edward Maltman, Royal Irish Rifles
Robert Scott, Royal Irish Rifles
John McNee, Royal Irish Rifles
Herbert H Lyme, Royal Irish Rifles
Thomas H Williams, Royal Irish Rifles
William Pearson, Royal Irish Rifles
William Cross, Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McClennaghan, Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Maxwell, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Fowles, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McDonald, 1st Royal Irish Rifles

Pride of Armagh LOL 839 (British Expeditionary Force) continued
Bro Meredith, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Leathem, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Simpson, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Lee, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Maguiness, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Mallon, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Ballentyne, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Courtney, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McLean, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Price, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Harbinson, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Flemming, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Coates, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Thompson, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Whelan, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Snowden, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McGurk, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Thompson, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Leaney, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Todd, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McCracken, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McComish, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Boyd, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Smyth, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Bell, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Russell, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Elliot, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Smith, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McGaughey, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Holmes, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Herron, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Craig, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McClennaghan, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Bradshaw, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Brush, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Jess, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Miller, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Bingham, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Young, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Thompson, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McDonald, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Cross, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McAdorey, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Morton, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Shaw, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Mills, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Hanna, 1st Royal Irish Rifles

Pride of Armagh LOL 839 (British Expeditionary Force) continued
Bro Aiken, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Crothers, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro McCreight, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Rankin, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Leathem, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Murray, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Nelson, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Goldthorpe, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Love, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Parkhill, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Kelly, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Brickley, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Morrow, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Bowers, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
William Windrum, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
John Portor, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Frank Logan, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Samuel Neil, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Samuel Mullar, 1st Royal Irish Rifles
Bro Johns, United Kingdom
Bro Walker, United Kingdom
Bro McGeown, United Kingdom
Bro Dixon, United Kingdom
Bro Dougan, United Kingdom
Bro Reid, United Kingdom
Bro Porter, United Kingdom
Bro Channell, United Kingdom
Bro Truesdale, United Kingdom
Bro Donald, Secunderabad, India
Bro Rev Devanport, Maymyo, Burma
Bro Griffithe, Maymyo, Burma
Bro Paterson, Rangoon, Burma
Bro Pattison, Rangoon, Burma

Members Serving in Ireland
F Glen
T McFall
S Thompson
H Millar
J Bailey
T Hinton
I McLean
J Johnson
T Haives


On the 5th and 6th of July 1916, the Grand Orange Lodge of England met in Preston. Rev Louis A Ewart, DD, DSc, was still Grand Secretary. In his Grand Secretary’s Report for that year he said the following, -
The past twelve months have been eventful ones for the British Empire. It has been a year of severe trial and sorrow to all of us. Very many of those we loved lie beneath the sod of blood-soaked battlefields, and others have gone down to a watery grave. Orangemen have taken part in every action of the British troops, on all battlefields, and some, alas, will never return. We lost many of our brave brothers in the recent naval battle (The Battle of Jutland – MEP) including the officers and members of the Lodge on the “Defence”, which was sunk by the enemy. A good number of our dear brothers went down with Lord Kitchener on the “Hampshire.” We had letters from some of them with contributions for the Orange Fund just before the eventful journey.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lodges were formed for almost every battalion in the Ulster Division, at their various camps in England, and both officers and men have paid the highest compliment to our efforts on their behalf. We have had the honour of initiating some of Ulster’s leading citizens into the Orange Degree, and a large number of Protestants are constantly being received into their lodges. Orange meetings are held in the trenches, and have been held in Roman Catholic Schools and even Convents, in France.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We have recently opened a Lodge at Groningen, in Holland, among the interned Britishers of the Hawke Battalion. Number 1 District of the Liverpool Province have taken over this Lodge and financed it. Several excellent Lodges have recently been opened on His Majesty’s battleships, cruisers, and destroyers in the Navy. Great progress has already been made in numbers on the “Warspite”, “Australia”, “Virginia”, and “King Alfred”.

We have cause to be proud of our men on the “Warspite”, sister ship to the “Queen Elizabeth”, for their splendid gallantry in the recent naval battle. The “Warspite” bore the brunt of a terrific attack by no less than six German Battleships. She put up a glorious fight and sank three of her assailants, disabled two, while the sixth fled. We are delighted to hear that all our brethren are safe and unharmed and that the whole crew are to be recommended. A good amount of the Lodge property was lost and the Warrant is somewhat damaged. We can proudly boast that there are Orangemen on board every ship in His Majesty’s Navy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We estimate that over one million copies of the Scriptures have been circulated among our brave men in the Army and Navy in all parts of the world. The task has been an enormous one, but we have been rewarded by the fact that the Word of God has accomplished God’s purposes, for not only have our Testaments and Bibles saved the lives of men (we have numerous instances of this), but souls have been born again and eternally saved.

The Lodge mentioned as having been formed among the interned Marines of the Hawke Battalion was Loyal Orange Lodge 874. This met, “by Special Arrangement” at the Interneerings Camp at Groningen. The Worshipful Master was William Aldridge and all communications were to be sent to J H Green, the District Secretary of No 1 District.

Military Lodges had been housed in the Woolwich District No 64 for some years. In 1916, 64 District still had the following lodges, -

Rising Star of the East True Blues LOL 108A
This Lodge was described as “On War Service”.
WM: George Thompson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Sec: William Nelson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

This Lodge was attached to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. It is numbered 108A, because there was already an LOL 108, which was The Everett, which met at Evans’ Mission Room on Yates Street in Liverpool. Rising Star of the East must have had its warrant from an earlier time than the union of the Association and the Institution in 1876, and was allowed to keep its original number when it came under the Grand Orange Lodge of England.

Also “On War Service” was Ulster Purple Star LOL 833. The officers were, -

WM: Rev James Shaw, The Manse, Presbyterian Church, Quetta, Baluchistan, India.
Sec: Private Norman McGowan, B Company, 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Also in 64 District was Sons of William, LOL 652, Gillingham. Their WM was Walter Jordan, who was described as “On Active Service”.

Other Lodges in this District who were based overseas were, -

Star in the Far East, LOL 615, meeting at the Anglo-Chinese School Drill Hall, Coleman Street, Singapore.
Lagos Fine Blues, LOL 801, meeting at the Oddfellows’ Hall, 1 Dunshgee, Lagos.
Star of the East, LOL 802, meeting at The Seamen’s Institute, Praya East, Hong Kong.


The officers of these Lodges had the sort of job that one can imagine being held by a European in colonial possessions at this time, such as working at The Asiatic Petroleum Company in Singapore or the Royal Naval Dock Yard in Honk Kong, but they need not have involved membership of His Majesty’s armed forces.

Lodges shown as having officers of military rank are, -

Lt-Colonel T W Richardson, 104 Tollington Park, London, N.
(WM of Enniskillen LOL 77, London.)

Lt-Colonel J C Ker Fox, Mansion House, London, EC
(WM of Guelph LOL 847, London.)

Colour Sergeant W Thompson, (WM of Latimer LOL 232, “Moveable”, though in London.)

In District 91, (Isle of Man), LOL 866 is described as “Military”, and said to be meeting at Peel, but they had provided no returns.

Plymouth District (No 72) included Ulster Purple Heroes LOL 842. This is described as being “With the Fleet”, with the WM being F J Willmer, and the Secretary A H Cosway. Also in this District is “King William III” LOL 688, meeting at The Foresters’ Hall, Union Street, Plymouth. The WM of this Lodge is R.McKinney, residing at the Sergeants’ Quarters, Royal Marine Barracks, Stonehouse.

By 1916, most Military Lodges had been organised in a Military District. All Correspondence was to be sent to the Grand Secretary or to Lt-Colonel T W Richardson. This District had the following Lodges, -

Rising Sons of India, LOL 703, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: William Windrum, D Company, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.
Sec: Samuel Mullen, Signallers, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.

Pride of Armagh, LOL 839, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: Sergeant D Wilson, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.
Sec: Sergeant G A Williams, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.

East Belfast Volunteers, LOL 862, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
Officers not given.

North Belfast Volunteers, LOL 864, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: Sergeant W J O’Neill, 15th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Rifleman W Finley, 15th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

West Belfast Volunteers, LOL 868, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: Sergeant James Matthews, 9th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Sergeant James McKinney, 9th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

South Belfast Volunteers, LOL 869, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: Quarter-Master Sergeant John Wallace, 10th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Not given.

Young Citizens Volunteers, LOL 871, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: Sergeant A Morgan, 14th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Corporal Hugh W Neely, 3 Company, 14th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

South Antrim Volunteers, LOL 863, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: D H Gourlay, 11th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Captain A P Jenkins, 11th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

Down Volunteers, LOL 865, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: Sergeant J W Gordon, 16th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
Sec: Sergeant M Cunningham, 15th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

Inniskilling True Blues, LOL 870, “Moveable, B.E.F.”.
WM: Sergeant J Halliday, 11th Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Ulster Division.
Sec: John Ellis, A Company, 11th Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Ulster Division.

4th Canadians, LOL 859, “Moveable, Canadian Expeditionary Force”.
WM: Lieutenant Bennett, 4th Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Canadian Contingent, C.E.F.
Sec: W J Mountain, No 10616, 3rd Platoon, A Company, 4th Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Canadian Contingent, C.E.F.

Mississauga, LOL 879, “Moveable, Canadian Expeditionary Force”.
WM: Company Sergeant Major E W Hazard, 139103, B Company, 75th Battalion, Mississauga, C.E.F.
Sec: J A Surgeoner, 139233, 75th Battalion, Mississauga, C.E.F.

In addition to the Military District, there was also a Naval District, with Communications to be sent to the Grand Secretary, or Bro Thomas Spanner. The following Lodges were included, -

King William’s Own, LOL 872, “Moveable”.
WM: George H Sharman, Senior Petty Officer, HMS Warspite.
Sec: J Wilks, Leading Telegraphist, HMS Warspite.

Australia, LOL 875, “Moveable”.
WM: Clarence C Crane, Yeoman of Signals, HMAS Australia.
Sec: E Muldowney, PO Telegraphist, HMAS Australia.


Gideon’s Chosen Few, LOL 876, “Moveable”.
WM: John Dunn, Stoker, HMS Virginian.
Sec: H Saunders, HMS Virginian.

LOL 878, “Moveable”.
WM: Henry Miller, Mess 3, HMS King Alfred.
Sec: not given.

I do not have Grand Lodge Reports for 1917 and 1918, and can only wonder at what they may have contained. When the Grand Orange Lodge of England met in the Holborn Restaurant on 2nd and 3rd July 1919, they met as grateful victors, and could look back on the hostilities.

In addition to the usual Loyal Address to the King, the Grand Secretary sent congratulations on the signing of the Armistice to the King of the Belgians, and also to Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. The reply on behalf of the King of the Belgians read, -

The King’s Cabinet, General Grand Quarters of the Belgian Army Sir Secretary, It has been a pleasure to the King to receive the telegram of warm felicitations from the Loyal Orange Institution. With a lively appreciation of the sentiments of sympathy with Belgium which that message breathes, His Majesty has commanded me to transmit to you, as well as to all the members of your Association, his sincere thanks. Kindly accept, Sir Secretary, the assurance of my marked consideration. Chief of the King’s Cabinet, Count d’Aschot

Sir Douglas Haig wrote, -

General Headquarters, British Armies in France, 17th Nov. 1918 On behalf of all ranks of the British Armies in France, and in my own name. I beg that you will accept for yourself and convey to the members of the “Loyal Orange Institution” our grateful thanks for your kind telegram of congratulations. (Signed) Douglas Haig, F.M., Commander-in-Chief, British Armies in France.

In his Grand Secretary’s Report, Ewart included a section which he called Our “Bit”. In this he wrote the following, -

In the late War, the Orange Order played no inconsiderable part. Over 250,000 of our Brethren from British America, Australia, New Zealand, America, and from the United Kingdom, flocked to their colours against the world’s greatest enemy. The valour of the great Ulster Division on the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, in1917, (it is amazing that Ewart could have made this mistake, and leave it in the Grand Lodge Report afterwards – MEP) adds another scroll of sacred memory to our record of past historic achievement. Of our Brethren in England, the vast majority served in His Majesty’s Forces, and alas! as in the case of our Sister Constitutions, many of them have made the supreme sacrifice, and laid down their lives on behalf of those they loved. The great majority of those left behind worked day and night to keep up the supply of munitions for their Brethren in the trenches. Our Orange Sisters, too, have in very numerous cases “done their bit” in the nursing sections and in many other corps organized during the War.

Ewart also made reference to the disposition of former German colonies, - In connection with the final settlement of the former German Colonies, I am glad to be able to report that the Foreign Secretary, to whom we sent a Resolution, passed at Grand Lodge last July, stated in the House of Commons on 8th August that he was opposed to giving the German Colonies in Africa back to Germany, and to handing back to Turkey the Arab regions wrested from her without the consent of the populations of those countries. Our Brethren in Togoland, West Africa, will be glad to know that our efforts on their behalf, in answer to their touching appeal to their Brethren in Great Britain, have been successful.

Looking back at the War, Ewart reported, -

Orange Lodges met in some strange and out-of-the-way places during the War – in the trenches of France, Belgium, Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, the Balkans, East Africa, South West Africa. They met, too, in Convents, Monasteries, Jesuit Colleges, on the deeps of the North Sea, and many other waters during the long silent watch kept by our matchless Royal Navy, and in more than one vessel Orange Lodges went down to the bottom of the ocean with the Union Jack flying over them. It will be astonishing news to many of the Brethren present that Orange Lodges have been held in Siberia. No one, even in his wildest pre-war dreams, ever envisioned an Orange Lodge meeting on the banks of the Lena or the Obi, or on the hurricane-swept plains

of a country popularly associated with everything barbarous and remote from civilisation; yet such is the fact. Orange Lodges met, and may still be meeting, in those regions penetrated during the War for the first time by British troops. It may be truly said that the Orange Order is now so world-wide that on it the sun never sets. A new Lodge has been opened on HMS Aurora, No 892, which promises to be a very strong one. When our naval Brethren are able to settle down again with any kind of fixity of residence in their respective vessels, we shall have numerous Lodges in every sub-division of the Navy, carrying the Orange banner to the farthest outposts of the Empire. A successful Lodge, No 893, has been opened in the Canadian Postal Corps. A new military Lodge, No 894, has been opened in Germany, with Bro Co-Quartermaster Sergeant Scott, of Birmingham, as its first Worshipful Master … We have opened another Canadian Lodge, No 896, at Bramshott Camp, Hants, Thirty-six Brethren joined at the first meeting.

LOL 108, “Rising Star of the East True Blues,” connected with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, has been revived. At the outbreak of the War the Brethren were removed from Dover to France, and it became impossible for the Lodge to continue working. Many of our heroic Brethren in that Lodge have been called to higher service in the Grand Lodge above. This Lodge has been reopened at North Camp, Oswestry. Over fifty of the Brethren rallied at the first Oswestry meeting.

Of Lodges formed under the special circumstances of the War, the following were listed, -

LOL 874, Meets by special arrangement at Interneerings Camp, Groningen.
WM: William Aldridge, Hawke Battalion.
All communications to J H Green, District Secretary, No 1 District.

Gideon’s Chosen Few, LOL 876, Movable.
WM: John Dunn, Stoker, HMS Virginian.
Sec: H Saunders, HMS Virginian.

Rising Star of the East True Blues, LOL 108, On Service.
WM: George Thompson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Sec: William Nelson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Ulster Purple Star, LOL 833, On Service.
WM: Rev James Shaw, The Manse, Presbyterian Church, Quetta, Baluchistan, India.
Sec: Sec: not given.

Ulster Purple Heroes, LOL 842, With the Fleet.

Thiepval True Blues, LOL 885, meet as convenient on board HMS Benbow.
WM: J Miskelly, HMS Benbow.
Sec: George Holden, HMS Benbow.